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Updating the Employee Playbook

I’m seeing contact center trends change, and how could they not? Coming out of the COVID-19 health emergency, consumer life is largely returning to more familiar patterns and expectations when it comes to customer experience (CX), while…

The One and Done Story

“One and Done” is one of many monikers used to identify the importance of meeting and completing the customer’s objective on the first contact. Agents might be resolving a chat, email, or phone inquiry; the channel is irrelevant to the One…

What Will 2023 Bring for Contact Centers?

The New Year’s message has as its core, promises of better things ahead. And yes, that did happen to some extent in 2022. The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic appears hopefully behind us. The economy—and spending and consequent demand for…

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine January 2023

Moving Forward: What Will 2023 Bring for Contact Centers? Table of Contents, January 2023   FEATURE ARTICLEMoving Forward: What Will 2023 Bring for Contact Centers?By Brendan ReadContact Center Pipeline’s Advisory Board shares timely…

San Diego Professional Journal

Are you thinking about making the move to San Diego? If you are a professional, there are a few things you should know about what it takes to make it in America’s Finest City. In this blog post, we will cover everything from the basics of

The Importance Pest Control in Encinitas CA

Rodents are quite common in Encinitas. They can pose a serious health threat. Their urine and droppings are contaminated with listeria, which can lead to allergic reactions in some people. You should also be careful when handling them; they…

Can you own a pig in San Diego?

This legislation is in place because all pigs are farm animals in the eyes of the law, either kept as a single pig or as part of a large commercial herd. ... You must register as a pig, have a license for any movement of pigs in or out of

Are pitbulls allowed in San Diego?

Is Pitbull banned in Canada? Canada. The federal government of Canada does not regulate bull dogs, but two state governments and some local governments in Canada have enacted laws that prohibit or restrict bull dogs. Is bullshit

How many dogs can I own in San Diego County?

How many dogs can you have in Placer County? A total of four dogs and four cats may be kept in the unincorporated district. All dogs and cats must be licensed. If you want to have more animals, special permission may be required. For