Festival of Journalism

Journalists expose hidden truths, uncover wrongdoings, and celebrate everything that is great about San Diego. The Festival of Journalism is your opportunity to get up close and personal with these journalists!


The Union-Tribune School of Journalism & Media Studies at SDSU, KPBS, and Voice of San Diego are jointly presenting this event, which will feature panel sessions, keynotes speakers, and workshops.


Multimedia journalism and reporting are storytelling forms that engage and inform audiences. Examples include writing, photography and editing. Data-driven insights from interviews and events reports are used by reporters to report on breaking stories that impact people or public policies.

San Diego journalists employ storytelling techniques to engage, educate and inform audiences. Their reporting helps people to understand issues faster.

Investigative journalists travel the world to tell important stories about places and people. Their reports influence both public policy and personal lives.

Adam Racusin, an investigative journalist for ABC 10News San Diego, has helped consumers get their money back by catching the culprits and bringing them to justice.

Savannah Cadet Haynes is a Journalism Media Studies student at San Diego State University. She is passionate about stories involving Black and Chicano Studies.


In journalism, editing is the process of correcting any errors and ensuring that articles meet length and style requirements.

The editing process is a crucial part of journalism. It determines if a publication’s readers can trust it. The editing process can improve the writing of a publication by making it easier to understand.

Editors have different roles in news publications. Editors play different roles in news publications. Some supervise sub-editors, while others develop products for publication.

A good editor will lead their reporters to uncover stories. Walter Robinson led an investigation team at the Boston Globe that uncovered issues in Catholicism, which were made well-known through the film Spotlight.

Graphic Design

San Diego graphic designers produce visual material for companies, non-profits, arts and entertainment venues, and organizations. They combine art and technology to produce graphics, photos, web graphics, motion ads, and more.

Graphic design is a creative profession that requires artistic talent, creativity, and communication skills. This career offers many opportunities for employment and can be lucrative.

Students of Graphic Design learn how to solve problems by using visual communication and strategic thinking. They are taught by industry professionals, who create projects using current software in real-life situations.

The small class size allows students to get personal attention from the professional faculty. They also receive a varied education which prepares them for collaboration in multidisciplinary environments, and to build an impressive portfolio to pursue graphic design careers.

Social Media

Journalists can use social media to connect with their audience, gather intelligence, and broadcast breaking news instantly. This is important when the news breaks fast and requires rapid responses from journalists.

According to a study, young people in Spain, France, and Britain prefer social media over other forms of news. Social media platforms help news organizations reach new audiences and stay relevant by implementing them strategically.

Select a San Diego social media agency that has a lot of satisfied clients and extensive experience in the industry. To find the best social media agency for your project, consult reviews and testimonials from clients as well as descriptions of services offered, awards and business descriptions.

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